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South Coastal Hockey
About SCHL

The League was founded in 1988 and started games in April of 1989. They have always played games at the Hobomock Arena in Pembroke, Mass only.

The South Coastal Men’s Hockey League Inc. operates 6 teams starting in 2015. After 27 years of operation we turned the other levels of play over to other organizations. Those leagues still exist at Hobomock arena.

.It should be considered a “B to C” level of competition with most players over age 50.  We have no highly skilled or ex-professional players in our league.
This league wears WHL (World Hockey Association) uniforms. 

The fall season starts in September and runs to December. The winter season begins in early January and goes to May. Games will be played in the following time slots only: Sunday nights at 6:40, 7:50, and 9:00. With 14 to 15 regular season games are played with up to 17 games with playoffs... All games are played on Sunday evenings only. Teams rotate through all time slots so you will play games in all time slots evenly throughout the season.

Games feature: 2 Referees; 1 Timekeeper; Three 12 minute stop time periods (as time and other rules allow); 1:30 penalties; weekly league and individual stats. The league has staff on hand for cleaning of locker rooms and equipment purposes and provides pucks and extensive uniform services (see SCHL Uniform story) League management is on site for all games to answer any questions or work with/covers for paid staff.

Our 9PM game each week is broadcast by the South Coastal Sports network. It can be heard and seem streaming on or you can listen and see past games on our website. (See listen to or see past games on our home page) Games can be seen on local access TV in most communities, times and towns is listed on our home page.

There are generally very limited spots available for new players (less than a 3% turnover each year). Over 70% of the members have played for over 10 consecutive years. We have over 40 players that have played for over 20 years. Tryouts are held before each session to determine the ability level of players who join as individuals. We will try to keep players together with friends who travel together where it can be done keeping parity in mind. A one-time uniform cost is necessary for new players, which covers numbered and lettered home and away jerseys and socks. Players who are traded from team to team by the league for parity reasons receive new uniforms for that team at no charge. Black hockey pants are also required along with helmets and full face cages. Only black helmets allowed.

The South Coastal Men's Senior Hockey League, Inc. is a privately owned not-for-profit Massachusetts Corporation run by a board of directors. The corporate principals are non-paid bonded volunteers who invest time to improve the management each year. There is a very strict No Fighting rule; players who partake in any events like this are immediately expelled. We consider this an "executive" league and take pride in our organization.

Please note- that the league requires full equipment, including helmets and full face cage. Other restrictions apply: see player agreement. Player agreement or contract is available before a player joins the organization and a copy is given when it is signed. Full rule book is posted on our website (see home page)

The SCMHL, Inc. is represented by an in-house legal counsel for all such matters and Audited by a CPA firm for Tax reporting and bonding purposes.

South Coastal Men's Hockey League, Inc.
720 Washington ST
Standish Building Suite 708
Hanover, Ma 02339
Phone: (781) 878-9899 
or email to:

The rink is located on Hobomock St., just off Center St. (Route 36). It is about a mile south of the town center.
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