South Coastal Hockey
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South Coastal Hockey
Current Members (51 Active Allowed)

Rick Kelly - Inactive Trustee Jim Hanley, Inactive-Trustee
Art Riccio - Trustee Mike Verrochi-Trustee
Bill Sawtelle - Trustee Ned Dunford, Inactive
Dan Colletti - Inactive Charlie Atturio-Inactive
Mike Hankes- Inactive Neil Gold- Inactive
Dave Rovner- Inactive Daron Jacobs- Trustee
Tom McDonough-Inactive Chuck Noyes, Inactive
Mike Kelliher, Inactive Ed Warzybok-Inactive
Steve Blumberg-Inactive Sean Regan- Inactive
Bob Donahoe- Inactive Greg Smith
Paul Lyons Pete Senatore*, Inactive
Bob Hawe -Inactive Brian Barcelou- Inactive
Chuck Devin-Inactive Joe Barrett, Inactive
Kevin Conroy-Inactive Kevin Koehler-Inactive
Mark Frano Pat Mulkern
Scott Oberg-Inactive Steve Buckus-Inactive
Art Murphy - Inactive Hank Mosca
Jim Toner Jon Choate- Inactive
Joe Craig Andy Pelley-Inactive
Hugh Gorman- Inactive Dave Converse*
Chuck Gosselin-Inactive Mark Tedeschi-Inactive
Joe Greene- Inactive Ron Read
Sean Cleaves Terry Dwyer, Inactive
Tom Williams-Inactive Bob Heyner*- Inactive
John Johnson-Inactive Mark Ducharme*
Bob Stafford** Dave Evans**- Inactive
Tony Shaw*, Inactive Jim Smith*-Inactive
Mike Zucarelli John Parker, DC**
John Hernon** Rick Welch **
Harry Denley-Inactive Paul LeBlanc-Inactive
Tim Fallon John Dunn ** (2017)

* Appointed Members
** Elected after 10 years via ballot
BOLD active Player

Note: Trustees are original HOF members or appointed by the executive committee and have voting power in elections if active.









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